Why am I doing this?

I have decided to embark on doctoral research into internal coaching supervision. In fact, the title of my research is,

"An investigation into what coaching supervision means for coaching supervisors of internal coaches, internal coaches and scheme managers." 

(I'm now hoping you haven't 'glazed over' or thought you've found a cure for insomnia!)

Since deciding to dedicate six years of my life (part-time) to this, I have regularly been asked two questions?

  1. Why on earth are you doing this?
  2. Why are you going to blog about your 'journey'?

Okay, the first one. In 2005 I changed careers, set up my own company and trained as an executive leadership coach, with Academy of Executive Coaching.

Since that time, I have always worked with a coaching supervisor; a process that I feel has helped me develop and it has given me someone to turn to if I'm 'stuck' as to best help a client.

A couple of years ago, I decided to take the next step in my own coaching 'journey' and qualify as a coaching supervisor myself. I've been lucky with the supervisors who have walked beside me and it would be a privilege now to be able to do that for others. Consequently, I embarked on the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7 Certificate in coaching supervision; through QED.

I have always had a passion for learning new things and challenging current thinking - and my coaching supervision programme met that need. It gave me more questions than answers, especially as regards what is really happening in organisations. One of the key questions was, although there is research that shows the efficacy of coaching in organisations, there is far less research about coaching supervision.

Why am I going to blog about my new journey? For a few reasons.

  1. I hope it will provide information for other people thinking of embarking on a PhD
  2. I hope it will become a resource for other coaches and coaching supervisors.
  3. It will help me practice writing with a balance of a topic of interest combined with academic writing.
  4. I'd like people to discuss what I'm writing - which may challenge their thinking and challenge my thinking. A great way of learning!
  5. Being selfish, it's a way of getting feedback on my thinking and preventing me becoming isolated.
  6. Finally, I'm hoping that my research will provide a framework for those performing and supervising the unenviable task of internal coaching. 

So, please share your thoughts and join in the discussion.


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