First-named author….

I have got my first ‘first-named author’ academic paper published today (3rd August 2020). It is titled ‘Self-determination theory: A theoretical framework for group supervision with internal coaches.

The article is a result of an integrative literature review, that revealed internal coaches look for three things synonymous with Self-determination theory. These are a sense of community with other internal coaches, comparing their competence with other internal coaches and autonomy. Self-determination theory therefore provides a theoretical framework for coaching supervisors of internal coaches to explore in group supervision.

My integrative literature review also revealed the necessity to treat external coaches, internal coaches and manager coaches as heterogeneous categories. Within the literature on coaching supervision, much of the research on coaching uses mixed sampling of these three categories and then reports on all three categories as if they were a homogeneous group.

It took a few versions and a couple of revisions before it was published, which is a time-consuming process. However, perseverance pays off!

Please let me know what you think of it, as my thinking around my PhD is a continuous ‘work in progress’.

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