A first hurdle….

On 18th October I did my first Poster Presentation, at the International Society of Coaching Psychologists (ISCP) conference in London.

When my supervisor suggested that I apply, I have to admit that I didn’t know what a ‘poster presentation’ was. I reverted to YouTube and found some great videos.

Completing the application to present form was also helpful, as it helped me to drill down my research question and methods – and I could practice explaining my proposal to others.

After my application had been accepted, I needed to design my poster. I learned that there are good poster presentation templates in Microsoft PowerPoint, and once I had found these, the whole process became much easier – except for the nerves.

I convinced myself that there would be ‘seasoned presenters’ there, who would have far greater knowledge and experience than me. However, once I got there, I found that there was a continuum of experience and most were ‘newbies’, like me.

It is still quite daunting though. When people, experienced in your field of research, come and read your poster and ask you questions, it’s a little nerve-racking. Whilst you want feedback on your research, inside you’re hoping that no one rubbishes your idea – or, worse still, says it has already been researched.

Well, it went well and my poster, below, got highly commended; allowing me to come home happy.



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